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Luckie's Liquors

Luckie's Liquors
10 Market Place
Baltimore MD 21202
Phone: 443-223-1105
Friday & Saturday: 5PM-2AM
Luckie's Liquors

Luckie's Liquors is your dive at Live! We may not have rules but we do have Code Of Conduct:

- The bartender at some point may throw nuts in your face but don’t worry they will be bagged.

- Cursing like a sailor is allowed and cursing like a sailor while dressed like pirate is encouraged.

- Tater Tots are always good and never bad. Sending back tots is like kicking a puppy and no one likes a person that kicks a puppy - Don't be a puppy kicker and eat your tots!

- We have Baltimore's biggest selection of CANNED beer so be adventurous and try them all!

Customer #1: "I like IPAs…bartender let me try your favorite!”
Customer #1 is great and is going places in life!

Customer #2: "Uhh can I get a beer?
Bartender: How about a Terrapin Hopsecutioner?
Customer #2: “Nahh I’ll take a (insert watered down beer that maybe rhymes with Pud Kite)"
Costumer #2 grow up, expand your mind and try something with flavor!

- The chalk and walls are there for you to express your creativity but the only Dicks allowed are: Dick Butkus, Dick Van Dyke, Tricky Dicky Nixon, Dick Clark, Dick Cheney...you get it...

- Whether you're a 21 year old hipster or a 65 year old Baltimorean hon we want you to come party, enjoy some beer and have fun with us at the only dive at Live!

Parking Today

discounted parking with validation at Pier V Garage on 711 Pratt Street after 4pm, Thursday-Saturday. Click here for more information.


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